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CBS News

Clinton's absence from the public eye comes at a price
CBS News
Sources tell CBS News the FBI will soon release notes from its investigation of Hillary Clinton's email servers. According to the State ... But this has come at a price, fueling a new talking point for Donald Trump, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy ...
Hiding Hillary Day 269: Trump Camp Calls For Release Of All Clinton Foundation CorrespondenceBreitbart News
Trump hammers Clinton for new Benghazi emailsPolitico
Donald Trump camp hails 'devastating rebuke' for Hillary Clinton over her foundationDaily Mail
Slate Magazine (blog) -Washington Times -Huffington Post
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The San Diego Union-Tribune

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton's health issues, summarized
The San Diego Union-Tribune
Before August, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were starting to focus their campaigns on the issues: immigration, the economy, national security and more. But over the last several weeks, a non-political issue has become a political one: the personal ...
Reuters: Donald Trump Closes 12-Point Gap with Hillary Clinton, Now TiedBreitbart News
Mark Burns, Trumps Favorite Black Pastor: Hillary Wants Genocide for BlacksDaily Beast
The un-campaign: Hillary Clinton has three times as many field offices as Donald TrumpWashington Post
CBS News -New York Times
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Washington Post

Trump to meet in Mexico with the country's president
Washington Post
Peña Nieto last Friday invited both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to visit Mexico, his office said in a statement provided to The Washington Post on Tuesday night. Trump, sensing an opportunity, decided over the weekend to ...
Tuesday's primary elections will show the effects of Trump and Clinton's candidacies in down-ballot races.Los Angeles Times
Trump to make detour to MexicoPolitico
Donald Trump accepts invitation to visit Mexican presidentNew York Post

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What Donald Trump's Tax Returns Won't Tell Us, But Hillary Clinton's Do
Voters would like to poke through Donald Trump's tax returns, but they can't. After some earlier waffling and mixed signals, Trump's camp now seems firm that his big tax audit prevents him from releasing his returns. Outside of a Presidential campaign ...
For Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Iowa Voters Pose Crucial TestWall Street Journal
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Less Forthcoming Than Past CandidatesTIME
UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton maintains 3.1-point lead over Donald TrumpUPI.com
Entertainment Weekly -Washington Times -Breitbart News
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CBS News

Trump and Clinton campaigns in Florida show stark differences
CBS News
Florida is a good place to see just how dissimilar the campaigns of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are -- in this race pitting the reality show star against the ultimate Washington insider, their campaigns here reflect the nominees' personal style ...
The Trump campaign has a ground-game problemPBS NewsHour

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Washington Post (blog)

Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump at his own game
Washington Post (blog)
Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump at his own game. Trump called Clinton a bigot, so Team Clinton came right back and said Trump shares sensibilities with the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacist movements. Trump questioned Clinton's ...
How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Prepping for DebatesTIME
Donald Trump challenges Clinton to release detailed medical recordsCNN
Never Trump equals Hillary, plain and simpleNational Review Online
CBS News -PoliticusUSA -Hot Air
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CBS News

Pro-Trump pastor regrets cartoon of Clinton in blackface, but "not the message"
CBS News
Donald Trump always has something to say on Twitter, but now, a supporter's tweet is creating outrage. It shows an image of Hillary Clinton in blackface, at a time when Trump is reaching out to minority groups. Now, the top African American adviser to ...
Trump Surrogate Tweets Cartoon Of Hillary Clinton In BlackfaceNPR

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New York Times

Tim Kaine Presses Donald Trump on Health, Mocking a Doctor's Letter
New York Times
Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia, Hillary Clinton's running mate, challenged Donald J. Trump on Tuesday to be more forthcoming about his health, taking aim at Mr. Trump over an issue he has tried to use to undermine Mrs. Clinton. As part of a lengthy ...

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This Happened: Trump Campaign Manager Derided Hillary For Literally Being Too Substantive
1thumb1 If you see enough pigs fly, you eventually get used to it, and so it is that metric Trump-tons of surreal insanity go unnoticed during the 2016 presidential election, to include an incredibly telling moment Tuesday afternoon. MSNBC horse-race ...
Trump campaign manager: Sad that Clinton allies have turned to name-callingPolitico
Hillary Clinton's mental-health plan mattersMSNBC

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Daily Beast

Donald Trump Blames Hillary Clinton for Anthony Weiners Sexts
Daily Beast
Donald Trump is blaming Hillary Clinton for the actions of her aide's husband, bringing into focus his fraught relationship with the female sex and his history of marital infidelity—not to mention his own adviser with a “perv” problem, to adopt the ...
Huma Abedin distractions hinder Hillary Clinton, provide opening for Donald TrumpWashington Times
Trump on Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner: 'Just Another Example of Hillary Clinton's Bad Judgment'Breitbart News
Trump uses Huma Abedin's separation from Anthony Weiner to attack Hillary Clinton: Another example of bad judgmentSalon
Patch.com -Daily Caller -Chicago Sun-Times -New York Post
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